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Add Your Knowledge About Bullying

There are many types of bullying that happen now a day. Some of the types that I will present today  is  about physical bullying, cyber bullying and Verbal bullying

Physical bullying that is presents the most immediate threat of serious injury or even death for the victim. Use of non-lethal weapons in order to inflict additional damage, or the threat of lethal force if the victim continues to resist or fails to be intimidated.For example, relies heavily on the victim’s unwillingness to endure another attack or do anything which might trigger a bully’s anger. Physical bullying often leaves an unambiguous trail of tangible evidence against the bully. Broken bones, bruising, cuts or scratches where it is all verify that a physical assault happen, even if the victim is unwilling or unable to identify his or her assailant. For example, effect from this victim may feel depressed or powerless because they were unable to defend themselves against a bully. Physical bullying often to distinguish form roughhousing or hazing. A group of adolescent males may engage in mutual combat as a social rite of  passage like military recruits may use physical intimidation as a team-building  exercise.

Cyber bullying means of harassment that makes use of online tools to accomplish the purpose. The activity is aimed at undermining the confidence of the victim and creating suffering for reasons that are usually not apparent to anyone but the bullyFor example, cyber bully usually posy embarrassing images, information, or gossip about another individual on various social networking sitesNow a day there is a bullying that conducted with online, where it use technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target someone where it popular in teens and young peopleThrough use a variety of technologies including instant messaging, IMs, email, chat rooms and video hosting sites like YouTube, Yahoo Messaging, and Skype and so on. For example, A 2006 poll from the national organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids found that 1 in 3 teens and 1 in 6 preteens have been the victims of cyber bullying. As more and more youths have access to computers and cell phones, the incidence of cyber bullying is likely to riseCyber bullying involves using technology, like cell phones and the website postings can go school-wide in minutes and global in days. This situation likely stealing a person’s account information to the form  of cyber gossip, where damaging content is based on whim, not facts, and is posted on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook into their account and damaging messages . For example, Studies indicate that cyber-bullying incidents in 2005, studies of 1500 Internet-using adolescents found that over one-third had been cyber bulled and half of those admitted to cyber-bullying others (Hinduja and Patchin, In Review.) A 2005 study by National Children’s Home Charity revealed that 20% had been cyber-bullying victims. A 2004 survey conducted by i-Safe America of 1556 adolescents found that 42 % had been bullied online.

Verbal bullying is a bully that to degrade and demean the victim. With only words they can make someone become depressed, where they try to making the aggressor become dominant and aggressive with make the victim look they are powerfulThis situation mostly like a physical bullying but if someone bullied, it can be like a physical bully and because it encompass the verbal. It strikes at the heart of the individual’s innermost feelings about him or herself. Sometimes this situation can make someone in dilemmaFor example, these situation happen when there someone where their self are suffering from low self-esteem even though these appears the abuser but sometimes it is quite hard to confirm this is verbal intimidation. Victims who are being verbally bullied do not have to be helpless, different situation will require different actions. This situation happen may be depressed, have low self-esteem, be envied by the bully for his achievements, personal belongings or power status within a certain group. Additionally a victim may be bullied for having different cultural or physical characteristicsFor example, a victim may experience verbal bullying because he is too thin or too fat, or because he is a certain race or religion. Verbal bullying is a type of hostility or aggression which can happen with children or adults, males or females and at home, at school or at work. There are different types of bullies and they all are motivated by different reasons. Similarly, there are different ways for a victim to deal with a bully. For example, a bully trying to become as aggressor, where they deliberately tries to verbally upset the victim through taunting and teasing.

As you all can see, there are many types of bullying that happen in our diary life now a days, some of the types of bullying is Physical Bullying, Cyber Bullying, and lastly Verbal Bullying

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