Sunday, 18 September 2011

Get's a New Songs from Malaysia and Indonesia Artis and Story about Music

Introduction About my Post for this night

Who's can say, song is a bad thing for some of few people in this worlds. If you remind back from your birth in this worlds,  the first thing what your parents doing, if they want you sleeping..? maybe some of your parents sing want they want you sleep. If your know about history of music maybe you will know, era music has been long, and now it has expanded from time to time. Now, not surprising if that music now provide high returns to the music lovers. You can look artis like Justin Bieber, just a young guy's but the high of popularity can make it he at top level with  Michael Jackson when documentary about her defeated the famous pop singer. However, nowaday music can make someone individual become a famous and rich. 

Justin Bieber come to MALAYSIA

Though he may not know where Germany is, the cherubic crooner has attained international superstardom: his new album My Life 2.0 quickly attained platinum status, his concert movie Never Say Never grossed $100 million globally and Bieber’s live shows around the world bring in $600,000 in gross ticket sales per night. The music video for Bieber’s hit song “Baby” has been viewed a YouTube record 500 million times.
Therefore, If you want be like Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and so on. Below, there are a few new songs from Malaysian and Indonesia Artis..

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