Saturday, 24 September 2011

Stress can make someone become crazy

Stress stress stress can make someone become crazy..

Whether it is correct or not about this statement,where stress can make person become crazy when have a stress. Let's understand with simple work about this. How much all of you know about stress, how someone get stress and how to solve this situation. Maybe, these all question that is always playing in your head right now. Let's understands step by step about are the this problem right now:

Stress is not just a feeling. It is a natural reaction, a psychological response to a threat. When a person is stressed, his body reacts to shrink blood vessels, increase blood pressure and pulse rate, breathing intensifies, the concentration of hormones increases (adrenaline and cortisol) in the bloodstream. When stress becomes chronic, these physiological changes can lead to real health problems.

how someone get stress 

Ways to fight stress that can improve health

Here some tips for solve stress:

Deep breathing. Just a few minutes of deep breathing can diffuse and attenuate physiological response to stress. Anyone should be able to choose a place and time of day in which he can perform this type of breathing exercise: in the car, office, and so on.

Focusing on the present. When a person is stressed, is living in the past or in the future. Worrying about what is going to happen, what has to do next, or regrets a past event. To relax, you must focus on the present, what is happening NOW.

Review situations. When someone is late and stuck in traffic, it is okay to be angry or agitated. The natural reaction, yet they are not helpful. Rather than hitting the steering wheel with anger, the situation can be seen from another angle: you can use those free minutes for relaxing.

Optimism. Each person should keep their optimism, do not forget good things in life and the beautiful part of it, in other terms you should be grateful for every single moment you live.

Hope with this discussion all of you can prevent this situation..Good Luck

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