Monday, 11 April 2011

Learning some of verse or conversation in korea language

What you know about South Korea ...?? whether the entertainment, culture, tourism or others ..for my Korean is very unique, it could be a developed country ... with a very rapiddevelopment carried out at present. although I have not set foot on earth that  South Korea .. weforget the background of South Korea article ... Today, we are jointly studying the South Korean language ... do you know speak in South Korean ...?? below some of verse or conversation in Korea language...good luck...sorry if  what write wrong..i really sorry..

An-nyeong-ha-seo-yo? HELLO. 
Hannyeong literally m
eans peace or being good

Ko-map-sum-ni-da. THANK YOU. 
Say this after being helped by kind Koreans. You will make them happy

Shil-le-ham-ni-da. EXCUSE ME. 

You can draw the attention by saying this!

Bang-gap-sum-ni-da. NICE TO MEET YOU. 

Were you introduced to an attractive person

Mi-an-ham-ni-da. I AM SORRY. 
Want to make an apology for your mistakes 

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